Anthropologist donates valuable archive to Kinvara (and the Nation)
In April 2010, Robert Cresswell (88), the anthropologist who completed a major study in Kinvara, Co Galway in the mid-1950s, donated his archive of black and white photographs (450+), Kodachrome slides (89), 16mm film footage, documents and notes etc. to the nation.

Cresswell waived his copyright to this unique work in favour of all persons who wish to use any of the photos etc. for educational or heritage purposes. Where use is for commercial gain, copyright rests with Kinvara Community Council.

Process of identifying individuals ongoing
The process of identifying individuals and places in Cresswell's many photographs and colour slides has now begun and is enjoying a measure of success. More work needs to be done and this project will be ongoing for some time.

If you the viewer have any useful information that you wish to share in connection with these images, please send the details to us, making sure you note the number(s) of the negative scan (image) you are referring to. Thank you.

2011 Calendar of  Cresswell's 1956 images now on sale
A 2011 calendar of Cresswell's images of Kinvara, produced by Kinvara Community Council, is now available for sale. The income will help us defray the expenses we have incurred to date and the ongoing costs in bringing this project to fruition.

If you wish to purchase a calendar, please send EUR 15 to:
Kinvara Community Council, Kinvara, Co Galway/Ireland
and we will post you a copy. Prices: 1 calendar = EUR 15 (incl. postage);   5 calendars = 65 (incl. postage). Don't forget to include your name and address!